Note:  An Index to our complete Local History collection has been compiled and is easily searcheable on the networked computers in our Library.

Mornington Peninsula

  • Shire of Mornington Heritage study
  • Shire of Mornington Heritage study, vol.2 – environmental history
  • Mornington Peninsula, Nicholas Johannsohn.
  • The Early History of the Mornington Peninsula, Hunter Rogers
  • The Old General Store, Bruce Bennett
  • The Birthplace of Victoria: Guide to the history of Mornington Peninsula, B. Furmedge
  • The Peninsula Story, Book 2: from fever ships to health
  • The Other side of the counter: history of Ritchie’s stores, D M Carnegie
  • The Preservation of the Mornington Peninsula and Westernport
  • Mornington Peninsula Centenary souvenir 1934
  • Between the Bays: Mornington Peninsula
  • Bayside reflections: Port Phillip Bay on video
  • BDMs in full from Sth Bourke & Mornington Journal 1881-6, 1899
  • Crown Grant Register: Lands Title Office, Mornington Peninsula
  • Step back in time: Guide to places of historical significance on Mornington Peninsula
  • Giving Destiny a Hand, Petronella Wilson
  • Racecourse to Fairways, R M Morphett
  • Mornington in the Wake of Flinders, L Moorhead
  • It's Your Honour: Account of the first 50 years of Peninsula Golf Club, J Pacini
  • Mornington Peninsula Railways and their communities
  • Southdoc - Adams to Dyson (typed)
  • Padua College: A College by the Sea (Mornington & Rosebud)
  • The Way We Were: Adventures, feats and experiences of Pioneering Families of the Mornington Peninsula, L Shaw
  • Short history of the following families:  Catron, Ritchie, Clarke, Quinn, Grover, Marathon


  • Baxter and its Primary School: a centenary history 1890-1990
  • Time without Clocks, Joan Lindsay


  • Balnarring Byways and Memories: Vol.1 & 2
  • Balnarring Byways and memories: Vol. 3 & 4
  • Uniting in Balnarring
  • The Golden Plains: Tubbarubbabel (Balnarring), M Karney & B Bennett

Carrum Downs

  • Pupils in Attendance 1914-1991 at Carrum Downs Primary School


  • Out of the Swamp: History of Chelsea Heights Primary School
  • Chelsea: a beachside community, Frank McGuire
  • City of Chelsea: Voters’ Roll 1982
  • Chelsea Heights Community Centre presents celebration of living treasures

Crib Point

  • HMAS Cerberus: Celebrating 80 years of Training
  • HMAS Cerberus cemetery records
  • Crib Point cemetery records
  • School at “Mooradoo” a century past: History of Crib point Primary School
  • Mooradoo About Nothing, B Bennett


  • Lime, Land, Leisure: Peninsula history in the Shire of Flinders, C Hollinshead
  • Flinders Cemetery headstone inscriptions
  • St John the Evangelist, 1892-1992 church history.
  • Flinders: historical walks and drives, P Nichols


  • Frankston Timeline: Chronology: Early Frankston to 1900, comp. Pat Draper
  • Frankston: Resort to City, Michael Jones
  • Frankston Pioneers: the McComb family, Ruth M Bradbury
  • Under the Pine Trees, Dorothy Condon
  • A History of Frankston Primary School No. 1464 – 1874-1974, Leslie Moorhead
  • The Bridges of Kananook Creek, Dacre Smyth
  • A brief History of St Paul’s Church, Frankston 1856-1911, John Reynolds
  • Ballam Park Homestead
  • "Optima Semper: a history of Frankston High School 1924-1994, M Evans
  • “Kananook” Frankston High School magazine 1980, 1982
  • Changing Tides: history of Wesley Uniting Church, Frankston 1860-199?,  Dawn Pickup  
  • Frankston Standard Newspaper: 100 years, 1889-1989
  • Frankston Cemetery headstone inscriptions to Dec.1982: 2 vols
  • Frankston Cemetery registers
  • Index to Pt.1 of registers of St Paul’s Church of England, Frankston
  • St Paul’s Church of England registers: 3 vols of baptisms to 1950
  • St Paul’s Church of England registers: 6 vols of marriages to 1950
  • St Paul’s Church of England registers: 2 vols of burials to 1999
  • Frankston & Mount Eliza Sketchbook, R Frost
  • City of Frankston Heritage Study 1995, Vol1
  • City of Frankston Heritage Study 1995 Vol2: Environmental History
  • Frankston City (east) Heritage Study , Stage 2, Vol 3: Significant Sites
  • Fishing, Sand and Village Days: Oral history of Frankston from 1900s
  • 100 Years of Service: History of Frankston Urban Fire Brigade, Centenary
  • Frankston Susono Friendship Association: first 20 years 1982-2002
  • Community First: Story of the Frankston Hospital 1936-2000, T de Jong
  • Arts & Cultural Strategy: Frankston City Council, 1998
  • Frankston: An outline of the District's early history, G Steel
  • Frankston Streetscape: A snapshort of Bay Street, Frankston in 1930s, M Grice
  • Some Frankston Portraits, E C Rowland
  • Echoes from the Front: Frankston's Avenue of Honour, V Latimer
  • One Thousand White Onions: History of the Menzies Boys' Home, S Davies
  • Racecourse to fairways: A history of the Long Island Golf Club, Frankston, R M Morphett

French Island

  • Frontier French Island, R Gooch
  • French Island Cemetery


  • Hastings (Old Tyabb) Cemetery records
  • History of Hastings Primary School 
  • The Hastings Fishermen: History of fishing at Hastings on Western Port Bay, B Bennett
  • Hastings: People and Places, Vol. 1
  • Hastings: People and Places, Vol. 2
  • Snapshots of the Faithful: 120 Years at Holy Trinity Church, Hastings
  • The Ham & Beef Battery: a history of the defence of Western Port, B Bennett


  • The early history of Langwarrin, Roy Scott
  • Australian Aldershot: Langwarrin Military Reserve, Vic. 1886-1980, Winty Calder
  • Langwarrin Soldiers & Settlers, D Morrison


  • Mentone Through the Ages
  • Mentone Primary School No. 2950


  • History of Moorooduc State School No. 2327, L M Moorhead
  • Epsom at Mordialloc; from racing to training 1889-1998, V Hann


  • The History of Mordialloc
  • Epsom at Mordialloc; from racing to training 1889-1998, V Hann
  • A Hospital for the Bayside (Mordialloc/Cheltenham)


  • Centenary History of Mornington Primary School No 2033, 1878-1978
  • Music in the Country: a history of harmony in Mornington c1874-1974, Oliver Cameron
  • Marriages at St Peter’s Church, Mornington 1873-1900
  • Baptisms at St Peter’s Church, Mornington 1860-1920
  • Mornington Cemetery: 2 vols. (also known as Moorooduc Cemetery)
  • St Andrew’s Church, Mornington 1866-1966
  • Centenary History of Mornington Primary School No.2033, 1878-1978
  • Saints by the Sea: St Peter's Anglican Church, Mornington 1861-2001, R Carter
  • Index to Saints by the Sea: St Peter's Anglican Church, Mornington
  • The Bush: the story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital, H Abeyaratne
  • Index to The Bush: the story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital
  • Read & Willing We Strive to Save: History of Mornington Urban Fire Brigade
  • The Silent Showman (Sir George Tallis), M Tallis

Mt Eliza

  • From fantasy to fact: foundation of the Peninsula School 1957-1965, H. Abeyaratne
  • “Moondah” – Aust. Admin Staff College, Mount Eliza, Pat Pepper
  • Vision Splendid: History of George Vowell Centre, Mt Eliza
  • Memorialization at Chapel of Resurrection, Peninsula School, Mt Eliza.
  • The Early History of Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula

Mt Martha

  • Mount Martha Lands and People, W Calder


  • Pearcedale - Moments in History

Phillip Island

  • Guest Houses on Phillip Island, a History, June Cutter
  • Phillip Island cemetery records
  • Phillip Island and Western Port, Jean Edgecombe

Red Hill

  • The Red Hill, Sheila Skidmore
  • Memoirs of a Larrikin, Hector Hanson

Sandy Point

  • Sandy Point: The history of Sandy Point, Western Port, Bruce Bennett


  • Call it Seaford: the memoirs of Carmen Tomlinson, P Draper


  • 100 Years of Skye, D Morrison


  • All our Somers, Bruce Bennett

Southern Peninsula 

  • No Rugged Landscape, (Dromana area), Mary Karney
  • Dromana Cemetery
  • Sorrento Cemetery
  • Rye Cemetery
  • Those Courageous, Hardy Women: Pioneers of the Southern Peninsula
  • Fever Beach: Story of the "Ticonderoga", its ill-fated voyage, M Kruithof
  • No Place for a Colony: Sullivan Bay, Sorrento & the Collins settlement
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish Dromana: A short history, J B Mannix
  • Rye Primary School

Stony Point

  • Stony Point: the heart of Western Port, Bruce Bennett


  • SS 3129 Tyabb: the early years 1892-1930
  • Tyabb Primary School 3129 Centenary 1891-1991
  • Tyabb Cemetery (now known as Hastings)

Western Port  

  • Western Port Wrecks and Maritime Mishaps, Arthur E Woodley
  • Victoria’s Playground: the Westernport Region
  • Western Port Ferries: past and present, Arthur E Woodley
  • From Conflict to reform: George Bass into Mornington Peninsula, Doug Thompson
  • “She’s Apples”: History of fruit tree nurseries, orchards & cool stores, Leila Shaw
  • Phillip Island and Western Port, Jean Edgecombe
  • The preservation of the Mornington Peninsula and Western Port.
  • The Old General Store, Bruce Bennett